Viva Las Vegas! Elvis Presley Fan Club

This club is "Officially recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc."

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About Us

The Viva Las Vegas Club commemorates Elvis' contributions to Las Vegas in Entertainment & Charity.

Our Charitable Contributions
We donated to local charities in Elvis' name, like he used to do in the 70's.


Our first project:
the Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel, Apache Junction, AZ

We provided financial support for the reconstruction of this beautiful building.
When you visit, you'll see our marquee and personal dedication bricks.
Visit the Elvis Presley Chapel at the Superstition Mountain Museum, Apache Junction, Arizona

US Vets - Helping homeless vets in Las Vegas

We have "US Vets" as our designated charity.
Our donations are in the memory of Sgt Elvis Presley. We have a few big drives during the year collects food, clothing and toys.  These help veterans and their families.


USO Las Vegas at McCarran Airport

We presented of a portrait of soldier Presley for their lounge wall and we donate annually. (see portrait below)

St Jude's Ranch for Children in Boulder City
not affiliated with the hospital in Memphis)


An early charitable cause we had.

Past Club Events

LAS VEGAS CENTENNIAL HELLDORADO PARADE May 2005 We were a participant with 3 cars.

FUNDRAISER BENEFIT FOR ED BONJA Nov 2005 Ed Bonja was Elvis' tour manager and photographer. Held at the now gone Nevada Landing (in Jean), we raised over $2000 to help Ed with his medical bills after heart surgery.

ELVIS PRESLEY RECOGNITION DAY Jan 2006 At the W Sahara Library. We had vendors, entertainment, celebrities and a movie showing. The mayor proclaimed the day in dedication to Elvis.

SONNY WEST BOOK LAUNCH 2007 We helped Sonny promote his book, "Still Taking Care of Business". Las Vegas was chosen as the first city of his tour schedule. We had a reception, a public book signing, and an appearance with the 'Big Elvis' show. (Pete Vallee and Friends)

CANDLELIGHT VIGIL Aug 2007  (photo, below) We got together with the Hilton and provided a public opportunity for locals to remember Elvis on the 30th anniversary of his death.  This was our first public ceremony with the hotel (now called Westgate). It became an annual event, every August 15th. Of note, superstar Lady Gaga stopped by in 2010.  Our last vigil was 2012.  However, we still decorate the statue.

ELVIS BIRTHDAY at the Hilton Jan 2008  Then for a few years, we decorated the statue and had a 'little party' every Jan 7.  This announces to hotel visitors that we and the hotel celebrate the memory of Elvis.  Our last party was 2013.  However we still decorate the statue.

A STAR FOR ELVIS on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars; which was dedicated September 26, 2008.  We raised $15,000 from fans all over to achieve this goal. You can find this star in front of the Riviera. Our proudest achievement! (photo below)

40th ANNIVERSARY (2009) of JULY 31, 1969. We celebrated "The Return of the Tigerman" in a Hilton suite, remembering Elvis' return to the stage right here in Las Vegas.

Christmas 2010 Participated as a sponsor in Opportunity Village's annual Magical Forest fundraiser. We had a "Blue Christmas" display.  Our blue tree was well enjoyed by sightseers and many just 'had to' take a picture with our Santa Elvis!

Sept 2011 Donated to US Vets for the opening of their new apartment building, the Radcliff.  As a founding sponsor for this building, our club name, in the memory of Sgt Elvis Presley, was added to the wall plaque in the lobby.

May 2012 Donated $100 to the Tupelo EPFC for a brick at the Fairpark Statue.

December 2012 Donated to the EP Birthplace in Tupelo MS to assist their campaign for facility and park improvement. Dedicated 2 benches that are in the rest area at the hill top. (installed Aug 2015)  We are also on the donor wall at the birthplace.

Spring 2013 Donated funds and items to the Bearcats Army Apache Helicopter Battalion for their return from the Middle East. Their logo and slogan features "Elvis Lives!"

July 2014 Donated $500 to the USO Las Vegas at McCarran airport and presented a framed poster of soldier Presley to hang on their wall. (photo below)

August 2015 Donated the "old" Elvis star removed from the closed Riviera hotel to the Neon Museum. 

October 2015 Donated for two dedicated bricks at the Clark County Museum on Boulder Hwy.

February 2016 New resurrected Elvis Star installed in front of the Paris Las Vegas.

May 2016 Dedicated bricks installed at the Flamingo garden area.

September 2017 Donated 2 signs to Vickie's Diner on LV Blvd to add to their vintage decor. (the former drugstore is a place Elvis used to visit)

February 2018 Presented an Elvis sign to the owner of Norm's Diner in SW Las Vegas. Norm cooked for Elvis at Hilton's room service.

June 2018 The Las Vegas Neon Museum announced that the original Elvis Star the Viva club donated is on display in their Electric Promenade.

For more information about the ELVIS STAR, please return to the home page and find the star website link.


Our first candlelight vigil (at the Hilton)
remembering Elvis death. August 15, 2007
Portrait of soldier Presley in the USO lounge at McCarran Airport July 2014
This star plaque was on display at Graceland
inside the former Trophy Room (Racquetball Court)


  Our plaque on the donor wall at the Tupelo Birthplace. Our dedicated bench at the Tupelo Birthplace.  Donation of "old" Elvis star to the Neon Museum. Aug 2015


Bronze Elvis Statue at Fairpark TupeloOur dedicated brick at the statue. May 2012Our dedicated bricks at Clark County Museum.
Oct 2015


 The club at the Flamingo Garden. May 2016     The two bricks we dedicated. The club with the "new" star at the Paris Hotel. Feb 2016


We donated two signs to Vickie's Diner.  Elvis sometimes would eat there at 3am.  (This terrific server is Cynthia.)
Sep 2017

We presented a sign to the owner of Norm's Diner.
Feb 2018
   From room service, Norm cooked for Elvis at the Hilton.

The original "old" star installed at the Neon Museum. Jan 2018